What is DraftOrders?

DraftOrders is a simple (no signup needed) tool for generating fantasy football drafts orders. Add each player in your league, start the "race", and eventually you'll end up with your league's official draft order.


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Why Just Fantasy Football?

It can really be used to randomly generate any type of ordering! I'm just a big fan of fantasy football, and that seems to be the most common use case.

How Do I use this tool?

  • Go to the tool
  • Click the "Settings Gear"
  • Enter the names of all your league members
  • Choose your race speed (I recommend as slow as possible for maximum intensity)
  • Start the race
  • When the race ends, scroll down to the bottom to see the results.

Each time you click "Start the Race", it will reset and give a new ordering on the next time. Do a few trials if you like, but once you're ready to do the real ordering for your league, I recommend live-streaming it.

Is it free to use?

Yup! If you get some value out of it, donations are always appreciated:


or sharing the tool with a friend or online always helps too!

How Can I Livestream The Draft?

The best way to use this tool is to live-stream it, so the league knows there's no funny business. I recommend using a tool like StreamYard or OBS, but there are lots of tools out there.